Hello! I love to create and thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your interest and trust you will enjoy the samples of my work that I have posted, below.  I relate the creative process to meditation as my focus stays in the present and enjoy both spontaneity, as well as more planned approaches. I enjoy how shapes evolve, colors and contrast build, and detail shines. I feel a sense of calm when things are going well. Other times, um, not so much!  :-)

Colored Pencil

My colored pencil work is frequently bright and colorful and I seek to blend realism with abstract. I call the results 'stylized' and a mix of art, design and illustration. After initial sketching to determine a composition an artwork begins with either water-soluble colored pencils, or watercolor paint, and quickly moves to pencils. My favorite place for this process is often the sofa, or a coffee shop.

Portrait Commissions

A portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to keep such loving members of a family close. Whether headshots or a more candid photo of your pet is available we can review existing photographs and discuss ideas for adjustment and a final composition.

If you are interested in a pet portrait please contact me. I would enjoy discussing your requirements and any questions you may have.


My acrylic work revolves around landscapes in abstraction. I am fond of the square shape and exploring the many ways to break up that space. Palette knives, sponges, and the timing of drying paint are my most often used 'tools'.